Opening Hours

Weekday 9:00~18:00
Closed on Sunday

For order

FAX orders accepted 24 hours
FAX No.052-462-1249
Email orders accepted 24時間
TEL orders accepted until 13:00
For after your order is ※ 13:00 (FAX, TEL, with Email) will be shipped the next day.
※ For orders is Saturday, and will be until 12:00.


Please pay the price in exchange for product.
For purchases over ¥15,000, will be shipped via free shipping.
Chilled and Frozen Products products, please summarize each over ¥5,000


After delivery, please check the product soon.
Product quality and delivery are perfect, if there is defective product, please contact the product arrived the day or the next day.
The subsequent call is not supported.

Contact Details

Shimokayatsu Kaechi1046 – 8,
   Ama city, Aichi Prefecture,
Tel:052-777-0404 Fax:052-739-5774

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